Global Shipping Adventures of

Wonder if our parcels sail the seven seas to every corner of the globe? Here’s what you, our esteemed customer, need to know.

Yes, our shipments navigate across vast oceans to numerous global destinations. From the bustling docks of the USA to more serene shores across the world, each parcel’s journey is assured with reliable tracking. However, we currently steer clear of the unpredictable currents toward South America. Fear not, for these shipping ventures come at no extra cost to you, free from hidden fees in these expansive times.

Embarking Your Orders with Care

As soon as your request reaches us, our dedicated crew promptly prepares your package, leaving little room for last-minute alterations. You are only charged for the items dispatched, aside from any local duties your country may impose.

Once your goods set sail, you’ll be notified with a Shipping Confirmation, much like a dispatch note from days of old.

Our shipments are sent out during the working week, resting on weekends and holidays.

Most orders set off on their voyage within 1-3 days, though during busy seasons or popular product waves, this timeframe may stretch up to 10 days. Once ready, they’re sent without delay.

For orders filled with varied treasures, expect parcels to arrive separately, sourced from different craftsmen in far-off ateliers.

Tales of Transit and Timing

Once our shipments depart, they are at the mercy of the shipping gods. Typically, deliveries are completed within 7 to 12 days, but exact arrival times are as unpredictable as life itself.

Historical shipping sagas suggest the following timelines:

  • Americas: Around 6-14 days (excluding South America)
  • Canada: Perhaps 7-15 days or longer
  • United Kingdom: Roughly 7-12 days
  • Australia: About 5-12 days
  • Europe: Usually 7-12 days or more

These estimates account for business days and are subject to the whims of nature, global events, or unique customs procedures.

Expectations on Distant Shores

Upon arrival, international parcels may be subject to local taxes, duties, or handling fees, payable by you. As mere messengers, we cannot control these costs. Should a region return a package, any associated charges will be your responsibility.

Each country has its own customs policies. For clarification, please consult your local authorities.

Accuracy of Delivery Details

The onus is on you to provide a precise delivery address, ensuring it’s as clear as an ancient mariner’s map. Once the journey begins, changing the route is a considerable challenge.